Dog Eared Books and daycare visit

September 18, 2022

I am thrilled to share that Dog Eared Books, a local book and crafts store in Oromocto, opened their doors for my book, What’s Wrong with my Skin?

With Emily Mercer, Dog Eared Books owner

I am so fortunate to share the shelves with my fellow local authors. I can’t wait until I can finalize reading with the kids and launch my book there once I recover from giving birth and take a hiatus to take care of my precious little one. Special thanks to Emily Mercer for this opportunity. Dog Eared Books is located at 281 Restigouche Road, Oromocto NB.

I am also honoured that Lincoln Daycare Center invited me to have my very first book reading with their kids. Thank you, Jean Robinson, for your trust and support. I am humbled by your kind words and warm welcome. I am so glad the kids enjoyed the book and could relate to Ligaya, my main character.

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